Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Migrations of BRANT GOOSE

The extent of the migrations of this species remains as yet unknown. Its progress along our Atlantic shores in October, November, and December, is varied, and in a great measure uncertain, it being apparently induced to tarry or to proceed by the changes which may happen in the temperature. It in fact appears to remain along the coast until forced away by the intensity of the cold, when it resumes its flight, and removes to countries beyond the southern limits of the United States. 

The Brant Goose may be considered as a salt-water bird, for it never ascends our rivers beyond the influence of the tides, nor is found on inland lakes or ponds, unless it be wounded, and happen to alight accidentally in such places. To this natural predilection for salt-water may be attributed its habit of flying round the projections of capes and headlands: it very seldom passing directly over a neck of land, unless suddenly surprised and alarmed by the gunner.

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